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About Joan

Joan was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. She now lives in New York with her husband and two kids. Event planning and decorating  has always been her  passion. Joan's event planning career started with planning dinners and family birthday parties. Before she knew it, she was planning annual company dinners for over 300 employees. Now she has taken her passion to the next level by creating an event planning business devoted to capturing your story, creating your dream, and giving your guest an event they will remember for a life time. It is her mission to make your dream becomes a reality.



Just like how every event is different; every design is custom and tailored for each client. Therefore, design prices range depending on the clients style and vision. 

Wedding Table Set

P lanning

Pricing for planning services varies due to size, details and location of the event. All planning fees are quoted as flat fee and will never increase or decrease based on how much or little we are utilized.

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